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Mid winter madness - July, August

R 5000.00 per day in Durban metro

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We offer the following Services:

  • Tailor made itineraries
  • Transfers
  • Day trips
  • Extreme adventure tours
  • Special interest tours
  • Pink tours (gay friendly)

Options available are self drive, guided or up market flying safaris.

Scope of Activities:

We offer a wide range of activities – have a look at our All Activities page.

Our expertise lies in the beautiful South Africa province of KwaZulu Natal 

Kwa-Zulu Natal is a perfect destination due to the diverse topography and surrounding warm Indian Ocean, one could take part in any adventure activity at any time.

From the North bordering Mozambique to the south bordering the Transkei, the Kwa-Zulu Natal coastal region is home to lush vegetation and beautiful sandy beaches, with the warm Indian Ocean lapping its shores.  Excellent scuba experiences are available on tropical reefs and shipwrecks found off shore.  This region is a surfer’s paradise with waves reaching eight foot and more with most favorable conditions existing in the winter months.

The inland region boasts a large number of nature reserves, many of them home to the "Big 5" (Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard.) Game safaris being the true African attractions. The wetlands of the greater St. Lucia area have been nominated a world heritage site and a unique natural phenomenon due to the five ecosystems which exist in this area. Boat cruises are available on the estuary home to crocodiles, hippo and over 350 species of birds.
Further inland we find the scenes of epic battles that shaped South Africa’s history, battles over possession between the British, Dutch (Boer’s) and Zulu people. Battlefields meet the foothills of the Ukhahlamba – Drakensberg Mountains, also proclaimed as a world heritage site. The San people inhabited these mountains centuries ago and left behind rock paintings as precious as the Mona Lisa. The Drakensberg Mountains is ‘heaven’ to hikers and bird watchers, offering white water rafting in summer months, paragliding, and challenges to both off road drivers and climbers. Dependable winds and steep mountains produce superb ridge soaring for the hanglider and paraglider.

The diverse cultures that exist within Kwa-Zulu Natal remain evident in the fusion between traditional culture and modern European/western influence.

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Humid Sub-Tropical (Coastal regions of KwaZulu-Natal, Hluhluwe, St Lucia, Durban, PMB, 1000 Hills).
Southern Africa is known for it's sunshine and it's warm weather. The seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere and summer is from October to March and winter from April to September. The weather is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean with it's cold Benguela current and the Indian Ocean with the warm Mozambique current on the Natal coastline.

In Summer (Dec, Jan, Feb) temperatures often above 30 C and humid in Natal's coastal regions. Heavy, short rain showers with thunderstorms in early afternoons and evenings.

In Autumn (March, April, May) temperatures pleasingly warm and change from hot climate (humid-hot in KZN) to milder and dryer season. In the Cape Region the Winter-Rainfall will start (May-Oct.)

In Winter (June, July, Aug.) sunny and clear during the day and cold at night in the higher regions, occasionally frost. In KwaZulu-Natal temperatures seldom below 22 C. Cape Province rain, cold and windy.

In Spring (Sep, Oct, Nov ) temperatures during the day mild but will cool down in the evenings. Cold spells are not unusual in the Cape and in higher grounds rain and cloudy days are common.

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