A company’s overriding objective should be developing client relations and staff skills/relations  Courses are offered to scholars covering areas of biology, geography, ecology and leadership  Unique experiences for family and friends including bulls and kids parties  For the International visitor coming to South Africa

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Mid winter madness - July, August

R 5000.00 per day in Durban metro

T’s and C’s apply.


Traditional Gumboot Dancing

Gumboot Dancing“In true African style we stimulate, motivate and energize your team. We encourage you to break barriers and incur heaps of fun and laughter”

The gumboot dance is an African dance which originated in the gold mines of South Africa. It is performed by dancers wearing wellingtons, more commonly called gumboots.

The miners would chant and tap their boots when spirits were low due to harsh working conditions. Together they would mimic each other in harmony and rhythm, building their morale.

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